The Renewables Unique Offering

A group of talented individuals who band together for a common aim to supply the Australian device reseller market with core offerings in a unique style which is also supporting the necessity for Australians to protect the environment of this ever changing world.

Unlocked Renewed Devices

We sell a range of Renewed Mobile devices to suit all budgets and Brands incl. Apple & Samsung.



Full range of genuine and non genuine mobile accessories to suit most devices including cables, car holders, headsets & chargers.


We Repair/Fix the majority of brands and models in House via our Technical team. We process for leading Retailers and Corporates Australia wide.

Spare parts

Full range of Genuine and non-Genuine spare parts for all brands and models. Our Distribution model covers Australia and international markets.

Used device Buyback / Trade in (BBTI) platform.

We can provide a full BBTI model for Corporates, Retailers and Dealers. Monthly price lists are available with free collateral and collection solutions.


Have any questions for us? Then get in touch!

Lets discuss how we can partner with you to reuse, repair, recycle and renew together whilst also upholding joint commercial growth. Contact our team now
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